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Posidonia, the international shipping exhibition & major event of the shipping industry. Posidonia 2022 exhibition took place from June 6 to June 10. Posidonia attracts in one place, the most influential personalities from the Greek and international shipping community and major companies and organizations active in all sectors of the shipping industry.

Posidonia serves as the platform that brings international shipowners in touch with the latest developments in the shipping industry and offers them direct access to the entire range of shipping products and services available on the international shipping market.

After COVID19, the industry descended upon Athens the week of the 6th – 10th of June, to share and gather with multiple people & businesses in the industry. “It is often said that Posidonia gatherings are “family”. That is how it feels, a global family renewing and beginning friendships that are the foundation of long-term success. Together at Posidonia we will be looking ahead, to great opportunities, and to meeting the challenges of the industry”. (Melina Travlos President, Union of Greek Shipowners, 2022)

Seaman Solutions team networked and participated actively in several seminars and conversations to gather the insights of digitalization and technological advancements in the industry. These insights were important for us to be able to identify the pain points of companies, such as human resources management and seafarer’s supply shortage.

Posidonia 2022 Metropolitan Expo

Human Resources management in the industry it’s something we help identify and optimize with our ecosystem of digital services. In addition, we embrace to give seafarers and shipping companies the right tools and information by creating innovating solutions.

For the maritime industry, this is more than a moment of change. It’s a time for transformation. Decisions have been as complex as ever, and the consequences matter more than ever in a transformation era and post-pandemic.

We supported topics like the assurance of the right environment to seafarers to overcome old models, eliminate complicated relationships and manage people’s education. We believe on allowing our seafarers to build their careers and ensure their safety. Making the industry about the people in it, by building values-based behaviours, to actively assess our seafarer’s talent and place them on the right career path.

We believe on seafarers’ empowerment at all levels: educational, administrative, soft skills and optimization of the Seafarer Identity Record Book (SIRB) processing. Our solutions offer transparency and efficiency to all stakeholders aiming to make seafarers careers great again. Discover our services, or apply now for a seafarer certification at Seaman Solutions.

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Published: May 3, 2023

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