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We do the full process to obtain the seaman of Panama – Liberia – Dutch Seaman Book & STCW Courses. We manage your crew’s certifications projects from A-Z with our concierge services, we assess your documents and submit an application, by operating with an automatic notification system at every step of the way until the shipment of your documents until they reach you, anywhere in the world!

Our digital platform allows you to submit your application digitally and manage everything from one place (invoices, projects, crew, documents, courses, emails).

From the portal you can:

– Invite people to apply on your company’s behalf

– Apply for a Seaman Book

– Assess your documents’ validity with a pre-evaluation by flag states experts

– Download reports, manage invoices

– Arrange STCW courses online

– Obtain your seaman book shipped to you in less than 2 weeks

– Receive the provisional document issued in 24h

– Online payment options

– Access to our SPS (Seafarer Pre-evaluation System) Tool

– Access to doctors tool to view approved physicians

Our portal is 100% free for access.

Ship Owners & Crew Manning Agents:

If you would like to register to the organization’s portal, drop us an email, include your organization’s name, billing address and details, send us an email to obtain access to the portal to the organizations portal.

Pre Evaluation Of Your Documents:

If you are unsure of the validity of your documents, or missing requirements, inquiry for a pre-evaluation.

This tool allows you to assess the validity of your current documents by our Flag States Experts. We will review them and send the eligibility or most suitable Flag State Seaman Book on the basis of your function on board, experience at sea and CV.

This service has a cost of €40 which will be later reimbursed to your seaman book application’s total cost.

Panama Seaman Book

This is a 5 year book issued on the basis of ranks or designation, your book will mark what designation you are eligible for and is ILO approved. It also allows you to mobilize offshore and for travel/mobilization purposes.

Liberia Seaman Book

This is a 5 years book or 18 months supernumerary book, you can add your trainings as SQC endorsed by Liberia, the same will appear on the pages of your book. It allows you to work on projects offshore, onshore and many more. If you work for a Liberia vessel it is a must have!

The Netherlands Seaman Book

This book is 10 years valid and allows you to work for a Dutch company or a Dutch vessel, however you can only apply if you fulfill the requirement to have a valid contract issued in the past 2 months stating you are part of the crew of a Dutch vessel or your work for a Dutch company.

STCW Online Courses

STCW certification was created to promote safety of life and property at sea and to protect the marine environment.

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