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How can I apply for the Liberia Seaman Book?

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How long does it take to issue my Liberian seaman book?


Liberian applications are processed within 7-10 business days from date of submission.  Once issued, they are shipped the following business day. Shipment times vary depending on Filing Agent location and can take within 3-5 business days to reach its destination. 


Delivery times Liberian Seaman Book

We offer two options of expedites; an entire submission may be expedited within 1-2 business days (same day/next day expediting of applications) for the expedite fee of 150.00 USD per application or an entire submission may be expedited within 3-4 business days for the expedite fee of 100.00 USD per application.

The expedited service moves your submission ahead of regular processed applications with priority per the expedited choice picked. Once processed the entire submission is closed and issued documents shipped the same day. Shipping takes an additional 2-6 days to reach its final destination.  


What documents does the Liberia Register accept? 

IMO White List

The IMO list is used to accept all ratings documents that have been submitted from these countries. To accept and recognize officer certificates, there must be a Memorandum of Understanding between the governments which outlines the agreement of whose documents are being recognized:

What special qualification certificates (SQCs) must the officers and crew on a Liberian Flag vessel have in their possession?

The Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC) dictates the minimum number of officers and ratings that must be on board the vessel. The officers must have their appropriate licenses and the ratings must have their appropriate Special Qualifications (SQCs); i.e. ASDs and ASEs.

All officers and ratings must show proof of Basic Training Certification conducted within the last 5 years.

All acting ship security officers (SSO) on board a Liberian flagged vessel must possess the Liberian SSO Special Qualification Certificate (SQC).

When serving on a tanker, all officers and ratings involved in the tanker operations must possess the appropriate Special Qualification Certificate for the tanker type vessel that they are assigned and they must possess proof of training from a shore based fire-fighting course (advanced course for officers).

All ratings watchstanders must have the appropriate special qualification in their Liberian books.

Apply for a pre evaluation to see your eligibility and if we can process your SQC:

Requirements Liberian Seaman Book 

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How long is the validity of the Liberian Seaman book?

The Seaman Book is valid for 5 years. 

The Supernumerary book is valid for 18 months.

The Hotel Staff Card is valid for 5 years.


Is there any additional cost if I don’t have a valid Liberia contract stating I work on board of a Liberia flagged vessel?

Yes there is an additional fee of €165.


Price Liberian Seaman Book?

The price list of simple ratings is €150 + Courier fees €70 


Price of Special Qualifications For Liberia Book?

Each SQC costs €75


Basic Requirements Liberian Seaman Book

  • Personal information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Medical certificate by accredited doctor
  • Company contract (Liberia vessel or Non Liberia vessel €165)
  • Photo of yourself


Liberia Supernumerary 18 month book

– Valid medical certificate (supernumerary if possible)

– Valid passport

– Supernumerary company contract (if is for non liberia vessel an extra fee of €165 applies)

– Photo of yourself 

– Emergency contact information (email,phone,address,name)

– Personal information (phone, distinguishing marks, eye color, height, weight, hair color, address) 


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