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On Tuesday 9th November 2021, our representative was invited to join the company CMB at the International Maritime Hub at Glasgow College to discover its clean fuel vision and hydrogen-powered projects. The CMB event took place in the City of Glasgow where the 26th UN climate change conference summit COP 26 was held from 1 to 12 November 2021.

Seaman Solutions is a firm believer of continuously innovating in the maritime education field, in particular by following closely all maritime decarbonisation advancements. Our company aim is to inform and educate marines all over the world of these new innovations. We are glad to inform you of the Hydrogen powered projects of CMB that is a world pioneer in this segment.


Hydrogen is the chemical element with the symbol H and atomic number 1. It is the most abundant chemical element, estimated to contribute 75% of the mass of the universe. It can be produced from a variety of resources such as natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable power like solar and wind. 

Hydrogen is called a clean fuel as, when it is consumed in a fuel cell, it produces only water. In this sense it is a clean alternative to methane, also known as natural gas. In this sense, hydrogen is considered as the fuel of the future having a zero emission climate impact.


CMB.Tech is the cleantech division of CMB consisting of a growing engineer team that designs and builds the industrial applications to run on the clean fuel of hydrogen. The current engines are so-called dual fuel consisting of combustion engines that burn hydrogen in combination with diesel. The aim is to technologically advance towards a 100% autonomous hydrogen engine in the coming 10-15 years.

CMB has developed and is planning to develop many more industrial and marine hydrogen powered projects.

Hydrogen Tuck
CEO CMB – Alexander Saverys

Please find hereby an overview of some of the existing and upcoming projects:

  • Hydroville (2017): first certified passenger vessel powered by dual fuel hydrogen engine
  • Hydrobingo (2021): first 80 passenger vessel powered by dual fuel hydrogen engine
  • Hydrocat (2021): first CTV operating as offshore crew transfer vessel by Windcat
  • Hydrotug (2022): planned for construction, the first tugboat in the world to be powered by dual fuel hydrogen engine

Also non maritime projects based on hydrogen engines have seen already the daylight:

  • Hydrogen Truck
  • H2 Excavator
  • Hydrogen Tractor

We will closely follow the advancements made in the field of hydrogen engines by CMB and keep our clients informed. Thanks to the CMB team for the invitation of our representative to the CMB event.

We hope you enjoyed the read!

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Published: May 3, 2023

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