Liberia Number 1 register of the world

“The Liberian Registry has more than doubled in size over the past fourteen years. At the same time, it has strengthened its position as one of the safest and most quality-conscious flags in the world, consistently featuring in the White Lists of all independent arbiters of ship safety such as Port State Control and the US Coast Guard.

“Statistics from the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control issued within the past six months confirmed Liberia as the best-performing major ship registry worldwide over the past three years. Liberia is also the most responsive ship registry in the world. It has a well-documented record for successful proactive intervention in incidents, and for publishing the reports of its findings where appropriate.”

In the past, open registries managed to attract ship owners through attractive pricing, but gradually focus shifted to quality of services. Today, which are LISCR’s competitive advantages in the market?

Scott Bergeron says, “The notion that ship registries can compete on price alone in today’s highly regulated shipping industry, and still retain a reputation for quality and safety, is as outdated as the continued insistence of certain organizations and individuals on the pejorative categorisation of any vessel registered in a country outside the domicile of its owner as a ‘flag of convenience’.

“Genuine cost-savings can only be achieved by greater efficiency, and greater efficiency can only be achieved by the effective application of knowledge and technological innovation.

How can I obtain a Seafarer’s Identification & Record Book (SIRB) for the Liberia Flag?

Submit your application through Seaman Solutions digital portal, we are authorized Filing Agents for Liberia Register. This application can be submitted online and must be accompanied by a copy of your national passport or similar identification document, qualifying prerequisite competencies and proof of sea time, listing your position aboard the ships.

How To Apply For A Liberia Seaman Book Online?

Create your account on our seafarers portal:

You will receive a login credentials to your email 

Login and access your dashboard and personal space

Select the desired Flag state Liberia category depending on your job and rank 

Gather the documents: for a basic 5 years book you only need the name of your vessel, passport, photo, valid medical certificate and personal information

Submit your application and pay online, then we will submit your application to the authorities for review and issuance of the seaman book

In 24 hours with Fast Service or 2 weeks you will have the seaman book shipped to you!


– Valid medical certificate 

– Valid passport

– Liberia company contract (if is for non liberia vessel an extra fee will apply)

– Photo of yourself 

– Emergency contact information (email,phone,address,name)

– Personal information (phone, distinguishing marks, eye color, height, weight, hair color, address) 

For more information contact us to: [email protected] or give us a call at: +32 465 08 41 79 

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