Cybersecurity in the Maritime Sector


Why is cyber security becoming essential in the maritime industry?

Since the impact of globalisation and rapid digital transformation, operations are becoming more optimized as a result cybersecurity results in a critical risk area as ship operations are dependent on the effectiveness of software-based systems for operations.

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important since there is an increase of new technologies. As a result, the safety in the exchange of information is becoming more susceptible. The maritime sector has become more developed and connected at the logistics-level and with this there has been an increase in cyber incidents, regulations, and laws.

Vessels are increasingly integrated with onshore operations as digital communication is used to conduct business, manage operations, and keep in touch with office managers. Therefore, it is critical to provide the safety of navigation to the internet to be able to perform a wide range of legitimate functions.
Cybersecurity has a huge potential to affect the safety of the crew, vessel, cargo and even ports. Since the protection of IT systems onboard data leak and manipulation and disruption can increase.

The different incidents that can result of cybersecurity are:

  • Problems with data transfer from the shipping company to the vessel and vice versa.
  • Problems with onboard equipment and hardware as not every member of the crew knows what to do with every operational equipment installed on board in case of disruption or even disaster.
  • Loss of manipulation of external sensor data, critical for the operation of a ship.

Consequently, we would like to encourage ports and sailors to develop a better set of good practices to develop a baseline level of cybersecurity. Practices such as identification of cyber-related assets and services, maintaining and setting inventories and identification and deploying of automation. Furthermore, developing a comprehensive approach to identify and evaluate cyber risks are fundamental aspects to consider.

The prioritization of implementation of security measures following a risk-based approach that considers security measure effectiveness and pertinence to the identified risk. Finally, the implementation at the organisation level of cybersecurity awareness and technical training programmes.

This type of training will allow the organisation and marines on board to identify risks that bring cyber-related communications and take action to avert attacks and keep vessels safe. These training programmes will be available very soon on our website, stay connected with us and we will update you with more news and services.

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Published: May 3, 2023

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